The goal of Young Entrepreneur Resources is to provide a variety resources, tools and reviews to help your child get inspired and learn how they can start out as an Entrepreneur. We will feature entrepreneurial and inspirational movies, documentaries, books, and TV shows. Some of my favourites are – The Profit, The Startup Kids, as well as The Founder.

I hope that I can help inspire you to

  • Being an Entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride.
  • Bootstrapping is one of the most common ways to start out as a business. (as how sound-cloud did)
  • Angel investors are the easiest investors to get for not a lot of money.
  •  If you have a company there is not one day you shouldn’t be thinking about it.

Otherwise no bad language or anything that I caught. This was an Interview type movie and goes through about ten different successful people that have made millions of websites, apps, and even computer games, such as Kiip,, Sound Cloud and a few others.

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