This is an TV show series that is very educational and great for younger kids. This show is specifically geared to younger children and has a different song for each episode. It also is only about 3-4 minutes long for each episode so the kids don’t need to be concentrated for very long and gets the point around very fast threw it. Id say its good for ages 4-7 and maybe even 8 years of age and they would find it pretty integrating. The only trouble I found was that it wasn’t really geared to my age level. I learned something from it just didn’t find it interesting, but even though I didn’t find them the most attractive I still watched every single episode an this is what I learned.

  1. Learn its good to earn, save, spend, and donate.
  2. Everything costs money things are not free.
  3. Entrepreneur have Ideas go with them and make money.
  4. Make a plane and save don’t blow money.
  5. Your money can make money its called interest.
  6. Whats your back up plane, think ahead just in case.
  7. Spend your money wisely get what you need not what you want.
  8. Think When You spend consider your options.
  9. Its ok to donate what you give makes the world a better place.
  10. When you get money give a little back.
  11. don’t spend over your total budget think ahead.
  12. Money can seem invisible there are invisible charges.
  13. You can make money off investing investing.
  14. Try before you buy.
  15. Don’t buy things to look cool.
  16. You can make money off an Idea.
  17. Try and try again focus on your passions.

Those are just some of the things that I learned that can be very useful in life and in business and are good to teach kids at a young age. Its also even better that its teaching them those concepts at such a young age.


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