Dragons Den

There are alot of Episode of this show and they keep coming out, they are great, but theirs only so much you can learn meaning that the same thing happens every episode. Although its still cool to see all of there inventions. I kinda think its hard to keep up with all the episodes when they come out so fast. One of the reasons it might seem hard is because every episode is the same and it made it very hard for me to stay interested. Not only that theirs not alot of super great inventions that are a million dollar product I think and that makes them not want to go in with them.

Dragons Den has a little bit of bad language from Kevin Oriole otherwise no theirs not alot of other swears. It  may also seem a little hard to understand for younger kids, but if your looking to watch it and not you children than its great. Otherwise they don’t use a big variety of hard words but there are a couple that are a little harder to understand. Since its not that complex show to understand I think it varies from ages 10-11 or older and would be a good family show to watch. It can be hard to understand so 10-11+. If your lucky you can find kid Episodes Junior Dragons Den and very inspirational for kids great for adults as well its a family show just a little on the bad language side just not on the kids Episodes.

If you like Dragons Den than another awesome show to check out would be  Shark Tank. It is much the same after all Shark Tank copied Dragons Den. But, my opinion is that Shark tank is better for the family, not as much bad language, and is alot more professional and easier to understand.