Finger Lickin’ Good – The Colonel Sanders Story

When I read the Finger Licking Good book, it was both easy and difficult for different reasons. There were some bigger words that are hard to comprehend and your child may need help with them. You may also find it hard just understanding what Colonel Sanders is talking about because he only completed his grade five in school, but considering that, he did very good describing himself but you also see his type of personality by how he spells stuff and by how he words stuff.

It is a great book with lots to learn about Colonel Sanders life. Besides just learning about his life there wasn’t a lot of life lessons you can learn from this book. He did not have a ton of flops in his life that you can learn from but its still cool to see how he handled his success. I think it might be an easier book for kids to read because it is more of a story to inspire, rather than a book of techniques and teaching. It was fun to learn how he was so successful with KFC even though he was competing similar restaurants that didn’t take off.

I’d rate it for 11-12+ year old depending on how strong of a reader they are. They may find it frustrating not knowing what Colonel Sanders is talking about or find it a longer read than other books they have read, they may even loss interest. Access to a dictionary or computer will help with looking up some of the bigger words. Reading with your child every night before bed may also help to answer any questions they have. It’s a great book for kids and adults to read, but it is a hard book to find because they stopped making it, but I defiantly suggest reading it especially if you like chicken.


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