Kidco is by far one of the best entrepreneurial movies kids can watch! This movie is so inspirational and entrepreneurial, especially for kids or young people looking to start a small of business. Adults can also use this movie for help in running there company. Kids and adults can take a lot from this movie and this is some of them

  • to take enicitive
  • to look for opportunity’s or ways to make money
  • that it takes hard work to be wealthy
  • To learn save and know what to do with money
  • making money or owning a company isn’t about being rich

these are major four characteristics that this movie really applies and that the kid used a lot, you can also see how they helped him make his fortune in a small amount of time. I would definitely consider watching this if you are 11+ because there are so much you can learn.

This show is about a kid at the age of 11 who would do anything to make money and he eventually comes up with the idea to start a company that sells munour to farmers and cities, he also did rodent killing on the side which he named kidco. his dad owned a farm that housed about 200 horses which he could use to make the munour. He ran the company till he was about 16 then he sold it., so you can tell how it wasn’t all just about making money to him. In the movie he was sent to court for not paying taxes to the government when he made 75 thousand dollars that summer with his three sisters. His goal as a kid was to buy out all the schools in America because he thought they were teaching the wrong stuff. by this he meant that they would talk to you about how the they got rich 50 years ago but didn’t help you or tell you how to do it know. And that was the main reason for him wanting to make so much money at his early age.


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