Little Big Shots

This show is great its funny, inspirational and Steve Harvey is the host. but its not an Entrepreneurial show mostly just inspirational.It teaches kids such as myself to focus on passions and dreams and work hard to succeed in what ever it is they or you want to do in life. It also shows them kids from all over the world that are the best at what they do, why they like what they do, and how they found it. Overall this is a great show but, because it is hard to understand the jokes and some of the big words or even for younger kids or even to know whats going on, I would say its a good TV show for the family and great for inspiring kids 7 years old or older.

This is more of an interview type show meaning he has to ask them questions. The funny thing is that the kids don’t even know what hes talking about or don’t understand because there so young. All of the kids range between ages 4-13 and I love the that its kids doing inanely cool stuff and the fact that Steve Harvey is the host because when kids talk about him being bald and when the kids don’t know what he’s talking about and their response back. I also get a kick of his jokes are hilarious. I also love the fact that theirs so many kids in the world that can be such an inspiration at such a young age and so good at what they do. This would be a great family show because there is not any big words in it besides your everyday talking. Its also good because it can push people to work harder such as myself and do my very best in everything.