Million Dollar Genius

Million Dollar Genius

This was my most favorite TV shows, it profiles people who had simple ideas that they, through hard work and perseverance, turned into highly successful products which made them big bucks. Each hour-long episode includes multiple inspirational stories that contain their share of drama, but end with big payoffs for the inventors. Those profiled include the creator of the Java Jacket, the cardboard sleeve that is ubiquitous on coffee cups, and the inventor of Rollerblade’s, whose subsequent idea for a collapsible garden hose made him additional millions. Each tale begins with the “light bulb moment” when the idea was first conceived, continuing through the development and eventual marketing of the product that resulted from the initial thought.And how most of them had to preserver through the attack of the knock-offs.

Its more of an interview type movie, as in the millionaires are telling a story. This is one of the reasons as a younger person I didn’t lose interest as fast as some other shows, but that’s not to say most kids wont after all its still an interview type TV show. One of the disappointments of this show it that there are only about 10 episodes, which can suck when you start to get into it – for more similar shows check out The Startup Kids and Little Big Shots Which are some of the best interview type movies out there for kids and the whole family. There are many things you can learn from all of the episodes, like..

  • try to think of new ways to make money
  • take initiative and try your hardest to make your company survive
  • there are lots of ups and downs
  • making money isn’t easy

These are most of the things that you can learn from watching this TV show, and that can help you learn how to start or run your company better than you already are.


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