Planet of the Apps

This show is pretty cool, its usually two people at a time that get 60 seconds down the escalator to do there pitch and if the judges like what they see they may keep going and continue on there pitch. And in that way it was one of my favorite TV show series, I also like that it is only apps and that if they get the deal they must battle to get there name in the app store and million dollars in investments, but the judges are pretty hard to get and there is four of them the two girls are both actress and the guys are millionaires. After and if they have completed the first round they will move on to the more  intense judges and they are also the investors that went in with “Snap Chat” before it got big. If they succeeded then they will get there investment.

This show has absolutely no bad language and is a great show for a family of kids 9-10+ because of the big words and if you liked this you would love Shark Tank, Dragons Den, or West Texas Investors Club you will definitely like this maybe even more. Yet in real life the judges do say some bad language they just try not to say it on he TV show set. The reason why TV said this is because they might not be the best roll model for kids to look up to or learn and watch more about them.

I would definitely recommend this for the family of kids ranging between ages 9-10+ at the youngest. Your kids shouldn’t loose interest that fast and might not even at all, but if they do it would be a great show for you as well to watch as well, and there are plenty more TV show series just like it if you enjoyed this one.