Shark tank

This show is extremely good for the whole family meaning that theirs not a ton of bad language and every episode is the same as the last, and If you are familiar with Dragons Den than you’ll love Shark Tank there much the same, after all Shark Tank copied Dragons Den. But, my opinion is that Shark tank is better for the family, not as much bad language, and is alot more professional and easier to understand. I liked it alot but lost interest in it pretty fast and one of the major reasons is because they let alot of bad inventions through and every episode is the same as the last. But Id think that would make it alot easier for kids to understand. Id rate it for ages 10-11 or older to be able to understand everything with minimal help.

There are alot of Episode of this show and they keep coming out, they are great, but theirs only so much you can learn meaning that the same thing happens every episode. Although its still cool to see all of there inventions. I kinda think its hard to keep up with all the episodes when they come out so fast. One of the reasons it might seem hard is because every episode is the same and it made it very hard for me to stay interested. Not only that theirs not alot of super great inventions that are a million dollar product I think and that makes them not want to go in with them. Shark Tank is also American which is why I think they have better ideas for products and their usually more successful with the bigger market, Which maybe why I like it more than others. If you like this show make shore to check out Dragons Den.