Ray Kroc Founder of Macdonalds movie

The Founder Movie Review

This movie covers the basic story of Ray Kroc, and brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald as they create their success. If you want more details on his life he wrote a book on it that the movie was based off. This is a great overall story that shows how great Ray Kroc was at business and how he stepped in and took McDonald’s to become a multi-million dollar company from one store to a global franchise brand. It’s also cool how he did all that in just 15 years. during the movie there is also real them videos such as commercials and the opening of there new buildings and even news broadcasts on them.

This is more of a movie than a documentary/bibliography. My opinion is if your looking for a inspirational and true story type of a movie, this is that. For most children, this movie wouldn’t seem as boring as they may find others, documentaries are more dry than movies usually are. This was a good movie for kids but, if you want your kids to have a good role model he’s not quit that as in he didn’t do the things he should have to get to the place he got McDonald’s. He basically cheated on the McDonald brothers and kicked them out of there own company and mad it into a franchise and didn’t obey the contracts he had signed and didn’t pay money he was supposed to, to the McDonald’s brothers which is not the greatest concept to teach children. He also gets in a divorce and ruins other peoples merriges, but overall its a pretty good movie and I think it should be rated about 10-11+ because it does have miner bad language and because of what I said earlier and it may just geared to older kids and may just be a little harder for them to understand if they are any younger.



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