The Profit

This show may seem a little bit boring after awhile because the people who own their company, for some reason think that he might wreck or ruin the company. Then they ether don’t make deal or let him help them til about half way through the episode, and that alone can make it quite a bit more boring that other shows. Although when and if they make a deal it can be cool to so all the changes that he makes that have a meager effect on the company that he is partnered with, and how the owners never want it to happen even though he’s a millionaire.

This may be more of an adult or older kid kinda show rather than a good family show. One of the reasons is because they use alot of big words that not even I know the meaning to. although you could tell them the meaning there are so many you might not enjoy. This show may be more enjoyable if you or your kids are at lest 12 or older, but they may be able to understand it at a younger age. It may also seem boring or not interesting to kids because its just not geared to there age and more of an adult show.

Overall it wasn’t my most favorite show but I did find quite interesting ,and my dad loved it. The show starts with him meeting up with them trying to make a deal on how much of the company intern for his experience, guidance, and money. Once and if they make a deal then he will try to turn the company into a million dollar franchise that he will make profit off of. The thing is that for some reason the owners don’t want him to change the company and if he dose than he turns it around and makes alot of money.


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