The Startup Kids

I really liked this movie it was one of my favorites. This is an awesome show that tought me alot of cool stuff that I had never herd of before used in my life, but now I do. This is some of it:

  • being an Entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride.
  • bootstrapping is one of the most common ways to start out as a business. (as how sound-cloud did)
  • angel investors are the easiest investors to get for not a lot of money.
  •  if you have a company there is not one day you shouldn’t be thinking about it.


This was some of the stuff that I now knew fro watching this show and there might be more if your just getting into this kind of stuff. Theeres a lot of stuff to learn in hear but its a little harder to get a hold of the first time you watch it so you may have to watch it more tan ones to get all the juice out of it.

This movie was great but, geared a little more to older kids about 11-12+, mostly because they might not find it very interesting or even know what alot of the big words mean so you may have to help them with it. After all it can be hard to get any kid to watch a show they don’t find of any interest, after all its a interview type movie and that may seem alot harder for them to fallow along with if they are any younger.

Id rate it 11-12+ because it might be hard for any younger to understand. Other wise no bad language or anything that I caught. This was an Interview type movie and goes through about ten different successful people that have made millions of websites, apps, and even computer games, such as Kiip,, Sound Cloud and a few others. Almost every person on the show ranges from 16-25 years of age, so you can see how how they made a fortune at there young age.