the West Texas Investors Club

I found this TV show series a little like Shark tank but it had its ups in downs. By that I mean in some ways it was better and others not as much. They do things in a little different kind of order and get into more detail about each business after they give there pitch, and then they go and test there product or app to see if it will work and bring them revenue. After that they see if it is worth investing in, if it dose than they will get their million dollar investment they have been looking for. He also helps them with the money and checks on them and gives them advise if there doing stuff wrong.

It might seem a little confusing to younger children, and more than Shark Tank or any others, so Id rate it 10-11+. There also are some swears but very few, it will be harder for your child to loose interest in this show compared to other shows like Dragons Den and Shark Tank etc, because this show doesn’t use as many big words and its one company or two at a time for the most part. It is also kind of funny, so I also think its a great show for adults to, my dad liked alot which also means if you or your kids are old enough to understand whats happening it could be a good family night TV show.

Iv had alot of experience in these kinds of shows and it wasn’t my favorite of all of them. If I could suggest one it would either be Planet of the Apps or Shark Tank like I was explaining earlier, if you want to learn more about the shows or want to watch them hit the links above.